In other words, check the campaign daily. Sri Lanka Email Database Move budget between ad sets. change audiences if necessary, incorporate new ads and deactivate those that do not work well (I do it with all those with a CTR <1.5%). In a word, cure it. Facebook has announced its plans to boost the monetization of its content creators , a mission it plans to carry out through new subscriptions on Facebook that, in addition to allowing them to increase their income, will also help avoid the controversial 30% that Apple charges for every transaction made. So you can sign up for new subscriptions on Facebook Facebook announced a new subscription program on Facebook that gives creators between $ 5 and $ 20 (between € 4.33 and € 17.31 approximately).

the problem is not in the campaign, but in the point of sale or in the product

for each new subscriber that signs up from now until the end of the year, as part of the financing program to support creators for 1 billion dollars that the company announced a few months ago. “Throughout the program, creators can accumulate bonuses of up to $ 10,000. This program, which can only be accessed by invitation, is available in the 27 markets where creators can use subscriptions (Spain included) . We hope to expand this and other bonus programs in the coming months to help creators build sustainable subscription businesses on Facebook, ” the company explains in a statement.

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These new subscriptions on Facebook work in a similar way to Patreon in that it offers creators with popular pages access to special monetization tools for recurring monthly payments. To register, certain eligibility rules must be met , such as: That the owner of the page has 10,000 followers or more than 250 recurring visitors. 50,000 posts or 180,000 minutes of playback. According to Facebook, it will not charge any fee for the payments that creators receive until 2023, although in the face of this aggressive move the company surely has plans to take some advantage of the creators’ income, once they achieve success after a few years of introduction to monetization on your social network.

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