A new way of thinking provides new insights. Does your organization already actively use design thinking to solve complex problems? In Greece Phone Number this article I share what design thinking offers your organization and what the benefits are. You also read about the phases and the process in relation to softwareGreece Phone Number  development.


The design thinking process

People generally depend on fixed Greece Phone Number thinking patterns. Without those thinking patterns, with each door you have to rethink that you have to push the door handle down and push it at the same time to get it open. These fixed thinking patterns and assumptions allow us to perform many everyday actions on autopilot, such as eating or walking. We also develop these fixed thinking patterns in the workplace. An expert in his or her field is Greece Phone Number often presented with a problem that is comparable to a problem that has alread been solved. That is why the expert tackles the challenge on the basis of previously applied techniques. That person then relies on experience and assumptions. Often very useful, but sometimes Greece Phone Number that results in tunnel vision. The most logical and most obvious solution is overlooked.

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What is design thinking?

Design thinking helps people to Greece Phone Number think ‘outside the box’. It’s a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand the actual users, question assumptions, redefine problems, and create innovative solutions. This method helps teams find the sweet spot between feasibility, viability and desirability, while taking into account the real Greece Phone Number needs and desires of the people they are developing the solution for. This method is especially suitable for situations where problems are poorly defined or unknown. Very well applicable to software development!

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