Their contact page is richly filled with, first of all, an atmospheric image of one of the stores and a stimulating text that describes what you can contact for. This includes addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, opening hours, a form, a registration Bahrain Phone Number field for the newsletter, VAT information, and finally Google Maps maps for each branch. Cheers! 6. Union Bank & Trust Best contact pages websites America: Union Bank. To be honest, I had never heard of the American Union Bank & Trust until I came across it in another Bahrain Phone Number blog post about good contact pages while researching for this article. But judging by their contact page, I can say that I would be happy to trust them with my money. Their contact page is very complete. So complete, in fact, that I’ve split my screenshot into two parts. In the top half we see a striking dose of humanity in lyrics such as ‘We’re here for you’ and ‘At UBT, your money had people’. You see the hours at which they are available and are given a choice of contact options.

15. Fire Affair

And now the second half. Best Contact Bahrain Phone Number Pages Websites USA Union Bank 2 In the second half we find a block with extensive information about the bank’s corona policy. This way you know where you stand during a physical visit. Below we see some helpful resources and some frequently asked questions. The page ends with a brief blog overview. I’m impressed! 7. Yummy gum Good contact pages websites Netherlands: Yummygum. Here’s proof again Bahrain Phone Number that I have no problem putting my competitors in the spotlight (as long as they earn it). Yummygum is a Dutch digital agency with a contact page to enjoy. And I’m not just talking about the photo of their favorite eatery in Amsterdam (extremely original by Bahrain Phone Number the way!). The strength of this contact page mainly lies in the fresh, welcoming copywriting. From the energetic opening line ‘We’re here to help you level up’ to the very personal ‘Vince can’t wait to hear your ideas’: everything invites you to get in touch.

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8. NV Interactive Best contact pages websites New Zealand: NV Interactive. Time to take a trip to the other end of this planet. NV Interactive is a New Zealand design studio with a jet black contact page that stands out. When I showed this Bahrain Phone Number page to a colleague of mine, a web designer, she said, ‘That’s not a contact page, that’s a poster for a €1000 perfume!’ And indeed, this page is so stylish that it makes you think of the branding of luxury brands. The only downside to this page is that it only comes into its own on desktop. If you watch it on a mobile phone, it’s just ordinary. 9. Starter Lab Best contact pages websites Belgium: Starterslabo. It is my personal observation that organizations with multiple locations often have difficulty giving their contact page a personal face. That is why I appreciate Starterslabo , a Flemish innovation center for entrepreneurs.

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