as well as the whole of the Spanish territory Uganda Email Lists. This advertising campaign responds to this study in order to show the importance of toys in the little ones, encouraging parents not to let this tradition die and to continue accompanying their children to the stores to choose their toys after interacting with they. “We have conducted this survey to show parents how far a child’s enthusiasm for toys reaches and to remind adults of their importance. At Christmas the children have it clear: they want to be with their family, but they are not willing to give up their new toys, because they are an essential part of this stage of their lives.

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explains Esteban Casabas , Marketing Director of Toys” R ” Us. “And they love visiting toy stores, because for them it is an experience in itself, a party and a perfect plan at Christmas,” adds Cabezas. Reactions in networks Of course, social networks were not going to be left behind in reacting to this Toys ‘R’ Us campaign. Twitter was flooded with messages from people surprised by the genius of this spot and its unexpected plot twist: Although Twitter does not achieve the figures that we can see on Instagram or TikTok, it is still one of the most influential social networks within the digital ecosystem.

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In this way, it has become the favorite place for users when it comes to discovering what is happening in the world or with their brands, or simply in a space where they can join the public conversation and express their opinions. Precisely based on this community interest, Twitter is an ideal place to connect with consumers and promote advertising campaigns. That said, the platform has compiled a series of agency campaigns on its blog , which the social network team considers to have been the most outstanding of the year. Posing as a source of inspiration for next year’s Twitter Ads campaigns.

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