Special monetization tools for recurring monthly Spain Email List payments on Facebook In fact, Facebook itself previously planned to get its own commission of 30% of subscriber earnings, although it has withdrawn those plans … at least until now. And it is that historically, Apple has managed to get a juicy 30% of all payment applications and payments that are made within the application for those who use the iOS operating system, a share that generates great income for the company. To give us a better idea of ​​the impact this has on creators and developers, late last year, Apple decided to reduce the cut to 15% for the smallest app developers, those who earn less than $ 1 million a year.

And it is that the fees that Apple charges for transactions on its devices have been the subject of major disputes: last year Epic Games, Fortnite’s parent company , took Apple to court in the United States due to these high fees, which led to the company to position itself as David vs. Goliath in the cyberworld. Now Meta, with an approximate value of more than 900,000 million dollars, is positioning itself in a similar way. ” The Commission’s investigation showed that most streaming providers passed on the 30% fee charged by Apple to end users , increasing their prices,” explained the European Commissioner for Competition at the beginning of the year

Spain Email List

“While Apple allows users to use music subscriptions purchased outside of their system, its rules prevent developers from informing users about these purchase options, which are usually cheaper. The Commission is concerned that users of Apple devices will pay significantly higher prices for their music subscription services or that they will be prevented from purchasing certain subscriptions directly in their applications. ” Facebook also features promotional links to support your favorite creators. In a post, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new promotional links, which for now will only be available to a select few creators. These links will allow them to accept payments directly, thus avoiding the fees of the Apple platform.

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