This compared to what was achieved Cambodia Email Address through advertising in other media. In addition, they used other Twitter tools, such as the conversation button , with which they achieved an engagement rate Cambodia Email Address of 44.22% . Hoka y Jellyfish These last two years have been a very difficult time for healthcare professionals, especially for nurses who were on the front lines with the virus. In response Cambodia Email Address to this situation, the sports brand Hoka and the advertising agency Jellyfish launched a campaign to celebrate the work of these professionals and generate Cambodia Email Address consideration within the public conversation. As a sports brand, Hoka generally focuses its strategies on athletes, but during the Covid-19 situation, health union workers were the most prominent figures due to their hard work.

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Therefore, based on this Cambodia Email Address, the company decided to join the general conversation of support towards these workers. With the Hoka and Jellyfish campaign they achieved about 4.5 million impressions Cambodia Email Address. Results obtained thanks to the use of Twitter tools, such as: keywords, interests and conversation topics. Every year, when Christmas arrives, brands provide their public with advertisements that Cambodia Email Address make them feel the festive spirit typical of these dates. Christmas is also synonymous with gifts and Santa Claus / Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men arrive at Spanish homes with requests Cambodia Email Address from children who promised to have behaved well throughout the year. To that end, Toys ‘R’ Us has managed to create a campaign that has become a viral phenomenon on social media.

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the problem is not in the campaign, but in the point of sale or in the product

The toy store chain welcomes Cambodia Email Address Christmas with a video showing an experiment carried out with children between the ages of 5 and 10. An audiovisual material that has given much to talk about thanks to its Cambodia Email Address unexpected ending. In a statement Toys ‘R’ Us Spain highlighted that what they wanted to reflect in this video represents “the meaning that toys have for the little ones . ” And boy, has it been Cambodia Email Address a true viral phenomenon, reaching more than 2 million views on YouTube. “What do children want for Christmas?” In the Toys ‘R’ Us video, they wanted to make it clear that at Christmas, the main Cambodia Email Address protagonists are toys. In this sense, in this spot the question “What do children want for Christmas?”

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