Web interfaces using html and css. A web developer can be involved in designing a website. But he can also write web scripts in .Languages ​​like php and asp. In addition, a Belarus Phone Number web developer .Can help maintain and update a database used. By a dynamic website. He is responsible. For website development. Web development involves. Many types of web content creation. Some examples include simple web pages. Coded in a word processor, web pages developed in a. Program like dreamweaver and blog Belarus Phone Number updates. Via a blogging site. In recent years, content management systems such as wordpress , drupal and joomla have also become. The most popular web development tools. These tools make it easy for everyone to create and edit their. Own website using a web-based interface. Although there are several methods for deve.Loping.

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Websites, there is often an exchange between simplicity. And customization. As a result, most large companies do not use content management systems, but instead have a dedicated web development. Team that designs and maintains the company’s websites. Small organizations and individuals are more likely to opt for a solution. Like wordpress that provides a basic website template. And Belarus Phone Number simplified editing tools. If you want details about web development. You can find a lot of Belarus Phone Number material online (eg at w3schools.Com ). Now that we have defined web .Development, let’s look at some basic. Web development elements to help you become more familiar with the subject. Terminology what is a website? Sites are files stored on servers.Which are computers that host websites. These servers are connected to a vast network .Called the internet (or the.

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Web in the ’90s terminology). We will talk more about servers in the next section. Browsers are computer programs. That load sites through your internet connection, such as google chrome. Or internet explorer. Your computer is also known as a client. What is hypertext transfer Belarus Phone Number protocol? Hypertext transfer protocol (http) connects. You and your site request to the remote server that hosts all the .Site data. It is a set of rules (a protocol) that determines how messages are .Sent Belarus Phone Number over the internet. Allows you to switch between web pages and other sites. When you type a website into your browser or search for. Something through a search engine, http provides a framework .So that the client (computer) and the server can speak the same.

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