In the first place . To launch its keep manual toothbrush. Colgate-palmolive used eye. Square’s new ad to cart . In the first place . Tool for real-time ad testing to see what mobile .Ads are most effective in .Encouraging shoppers .To add the toothbrush Japan Phone Number to their cart. According to a case study shared exclusively .With marketing dive. The tool displays ads across amazon, facebook, instagram and youtube and. Asks users to simulate a purchase in the category of the. Ad they were e Japan Phone Number xposed to.Followed by a questionnaire to asses.S the effectiveness of the ad. In the first place . The cpg company was able to tailor messaging, creative and spend accordingly .Based on eye square’s insights and analysis .Of consumer responses. Colgate’s .Partnership marks the first use of eye square’s new tool.Which blends. The explicit and implicit reactions o.F a user with their immediate perceptions.

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In the first place . Per eye square, and offers valuable .Behavioral shopping metrics to inform. Campaigns. Dive insight: eye square’s new tool demonstrates the effectiveness of testing ads .In the context of e-commerce Japan Phone Number sites and social media platforms, where many consumers .Already spend much of their time. For colgate’s trial, the. Cpg brand could gather Japan Phone Number behavioral tracking data and survey. Responses from consumers .To provide a clearer picture of the ad’s influence on potential customers. Decision-making around buying. A toothbrush. Real-time insights like eye square’s allowed colgate to quickly tweak its campaign. Based on how consumers were responding to the ads they saw online.

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In the first place . Tools like eye square’s are being developed. In response to the skyrocketing growth in online and social shopping. Brands across categories are turning to these types of tools to maximiz.E ad efficiencies and Japan Phone Number reduce wasted ad spend. While traditional .Methods of market research .Often lack in terms of providing real-time insights to. An ad c Japan Phone Number ampaign, online surveys . In the first place . And tracking tools can help brands like .Colgate make campaign adjustments on the fly based .On consumer data many consumers today are .Experiencing ad fatigue, caused by the inundation of branded messages. And ads while shopping, reading or socializing.

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