In this sense, it does not hurt to take a look at the old Syria Email List women (they are over 60 years old) but fully valid 4 “P” of marketing. Namely (in English): Product, Price, Place and Promotion. What is meant by Product, Price, Point of Sale and Promotion. You can do the best promotional campaign in the world, but if the other three Ps don’t work, your product will fail because it was already a failure before reaching the promotion phase. And that happens much more than it seems. When we say that marketing is not just advertising, we mean it, not to fill up time or look cool. You have to do a lot of market analysis to sell anything or open any business.

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an endemic problem for small businesses in Spain, because they usually don’t. So we have the mortality rate of companies that we have. Learn this as if it were the 10 commandments. Or as if your mother chased you, sneaker at the ready The difficult one: because there are flaws in some part of the process of designing, executing or monitoring the campaign. For that, let’s go by parts. Why is my online advertising campaign not working: what you should check Ok, let’s assume that all the above process is fine, you have a competitive product and attractive and well-oiled physical and / or online points of sale. But still, you invest in online advertising and the sales do not come.

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What is failing? It is easy to blame the creative on duty, but many times those of us who work on this find almost impossible missions, and the first problem is very simple: the budget. Let’s look at this and other critical points in the staggering list that follows. 1. Your budget is very low This is usually the main problem in more than 50% of the cases. When someone tells us “I want to run a campaign on Facebook and Instagram aimed at women from 30 to 60 years of age from all over Spain” and the budget is 300 euros for 15 days, it is really difficult for us to hide the poker face that remains.

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