A blog dedicated to customer success stories. This can very well prove to be the final sales tactic that makes a potential customer convert. Get Exposure & Visibility Sometimes, business owners feel their money is better invested in things like operations and management of the brand rather than… …advertising and promotions. But then how do you build brand awareness about your business without spending resources to promote it? As we tell our clients, blogging is oftentimes the answer to many of their questions. If your blog truly creates value for users, search engines are going to pick it up. No matter what. This strategy is a great way for brands to house information about new products and services on their website. Where users will visit not just to get the information they are looking for, but they will also learn about the business in general.

Additionally, “how-to” topics can convert customers in the consideration stage that might need a little push and a little more info about a product. And finally, testimonial content marketing can help a customer in the decision stage who may need social proof before purchasing from you. Blogging is an important element of the lead conversion process. Benefit: Push a customer through the lead conversion process (awareness, consideration, decision) without “selling” to them. Industry Example: Slack Slack, an internal messaging tool for workplaces, fits best when we think of the benefits of blogging in terms of aiding in lead conversions. When a user browses through Slack’s pricing web pages or opts to receive a custom quote.

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Where you can then send more communications and promotions about your business. The more touch points you have with a customer, the greater chance you’ll have of them converting. benefits of blogging Benefit: Build email lists of interested South africa phone number customers for future marketing touch points. Industry Example: Beauty blogs use blogging to their benefit a great deal when it comes to collecting emails for marketing purposes. Beauty brands often give out tips and best practices. As a part of this experience, they encourage their readers and visitors to sign up for their newsletters to receive consistent tips or features. This tactic can be applied to many other industries.

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Leaders at Apple give a detailed keynote presentation to excite brand followers about the new release. Steve Jobs started this, and it continues even after his passing because it works. Lead Conversions In the most simple terms, there are three stages of capturing a customer to your business. The Awareness Stage The Consideration Stage The Decision Stage The benefits of blogging can be extended across all three. And it is even more important to understand that all three stages play an equal assertive role in converting a customer. For example, checklists and tips in a blog post can help attract a new customer and get him or her interested in your products or services.

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Insurance companies are the perfect example here. Have you ever Googled what to do after a car crash? You’d probably see something like this. search engine results The top three results are all from different companies. This highlights one of the most important benefits of blogging. Businesses that blog consistently can leverage online tools to increase their visibility in searches. You can also generate more blog topics from the searches you find popular among your customers. Collect Emails Business owners can use blogging as a way to collect emails. Interested prospects by asking website visitors to subscribe to your blog posts. You can then add these users to your content marketing funnel.

Demand Generation Demand generation is the first step in lead generation tactics that capture interested or potential prospects via a contact form. Demand Generation is the part where businesses need to generate enough demand from the market to be able to sell to them. Businesses often use blogs and content presentations as a channel to announce new products, features, and inform customers about… …their brand and the solutions they can provide. Benefit: Create and cultivate an interest in your brand and products Industry Example: Apple Apple is a great example of demand generation via content presentation.

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