A product catalog is a product catalog, right? Well, not if you approach that catalog as a magazine publisher that also reuses the content well. So when someone raved about a 56-page paper mushroom catalog. My interest was piqued. Because offline conte is so often forgott or even seen as dus or redundant. While it still offers great opportunity. And it is precise because it is used so little that it has a lot of distinctive character. Fungi Perfecti. Fungi Sweden Phone Number  Perfecti director Paul Stamets took a different approach (and if you’re a Trekkie. is name might light up a little bit). But this mushroom catalog does much more than just show the products and mushroom merchandise(!) in a catalog. In addition to products, it also contains articles with a Sweden Phone Number variety of backgrounds, illuminating illustrations and recipes accompanied by tasty photos.

Reuse of content can be even better

It is, therefore, more like a magazine than a Sweden Phone Number catalog. But making such a catalog or magazine is labor-intensive, so it’s smart to do more with that content. So you see Fungi Perfecti reusing content from the catalog, such as illustrations and product photos, on Instagram. What also makes me happy is that in many expressions there is a common denominator interconnectedness.

Sweden Phone Number

You see this concept reflected in different expressions in Sweden Phone Number different ways. Reuse of content can be even better Incidentally, I see that opportunities are still being missed in the field of reusing content. Because if you interview an employee for a blog and have him tell you about his work, you can of course also share that content on other channels: in the catalog and on YouTube, for example. Curious about the catalog?

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