Verification on social media accounts is not a desire of social network developers, but a necessity. Moreover, the platform used is a popular application in the world. Not only contains ordinary people, but also various politicians, stars and scientists. Of course, it will have a great influence on public opinion. So, it is not surprising that many accounts are plagiarized. So, to prevent this it becomes very important for verified social media accounts. Account verification is a confirmation of the identity of a person or company. This will be very helpful in distinguishing between fakes and real ones from celebrities, brands or companies. Not only that,

verified social media accounts

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1 Importance of Verified Social Media Accounts in Online Stores
2 Ways to Get Verification on Instagram Account
3 Increase Chances of Verified Social Media Accounts
4 Benefits of Verified Social Media Accounts
4.1 Verified Social Media Accounts Can Increase Brand Awareness
4.2 Verified Social Media Accounts Can Increase Loyalty
4.3 Verified Social Media Accounts Provide Better Purchase Experience
4.4 Verified Social Media Accounts Can See Trends in the Market
4.5 Can See Competitors
4.6 Can Increase Profile Visit
Importance of Verified Social Media Accounts on Online Stores
A blue tick on a social media account does indicate that the account has been verified. And it is very important if you are going to rely on a promotion that is done through social media.

Some of the benefits that you can get are as follows:


Can make it easier for your consumers to be able to identify your online store account on Instagram
Can increase public trust especially for internet users.
Can prevent identity falsification or counterfeit products which later on behalf of the brand you have.
Can help your consumers to get the best quality products at a comparable price offer.
Can prevent extortion that can take advantage of the products or services you offer.

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