so you have to design the campaign well to Scotland Email List compensate for this. I’ll tell you later, don’t be impatient. 3. Create sets of ads differentiated by audience … and by social network After this phase, it is time to create ad Scotland Email List sets. Here are several pitfalls intended for the novice / unwary publicist to nibble at: a) When defining geographical areas , it is marked by default for “people who live or have Scotland Email List recently been here”. Imagine that your campaign is aimed at audiences throughout Spain (you should have a decent budget for that, young Padawan). Given that Scotland Email List in a normal year Spain receives about 70 million tourists,

Why is my online advertising campaign not working: what you should check

your campaign will be seen by Scotland Email List half the United Kingdom, a good part of Germany … useless clicks that Facebook will charge you the same but they will not report anything. So choose “people who Scotland Email List live in this place . ” Segmentation by place Christmas campaign Facebook and Instagram b) Segment geographically based on your target If your potential clients are eminently urban, the whole of Spain is a bad idea Scotland Email List when choosing places. Make a list of the urban areas where you want your ads to appear. If your client’s profile is not urban, make the same list but excluding those locations. That is, in the second case Scotland Email List your audience will be “people who live in Spain excluding.

Scotland Email List

you enter the list of Scotland Email List excluded areas. c) Segment by specific age ranges and genders “Anyone who wants to buy” is not a good campaign strategy and “women 25-65 years old” is not a good campaign Scotland Email List strategy either. Choose specific targets and, if you have more than one, create a specific set of ads for each target. Speak to each group of people in their own language and show them the products they are most likely to want to buy. d) Segment by interests Use detailed targeting to include the interests your potential customers are Scotland Email List most likely to find themselves in. Here Facebook forces us to squeeze Scotland Email List our neurons because the list of interests does not allow you to include what you want,

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