This campaign, based on its use Belgium Email List of trends, managed to generate a particular impact, reaching 2.5 million impressions during its 24-hour duration. However, this figure refers exclusively to the Belgium Email List impressions of the tweets, because if we talk about trends these rise to 8.1 million. On the other hand, his Quarantines got around 1,000 uses during the campaign roll out. Al Farsi Rent A Car y Dice Marketing Belgium Email List Al Farsi Rent a Car in conjunction with Dice Marketing deployed a campaign Belgium Email List in Saudi Arabia focused on the National Day of this country. It was aimed at creating better connections with the community, as well as expanding the brand’s target audience to other sectors.

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The success of this campaign is based on the promotional strategy they used, which was Belgium Email List based on a contest for Twitter users in which they could be awarded with renting a car completely free for a whole day. The acceptance of the campaign was such that it Belgium Email List reached more than 1.6 million impressions during the course of it, and around 5,200 likes . Likewise, the Saudi company managed to gain 3,500 followers with this campaign, with an engagement ratio of 4.2%. To achieve these levels of acceptance, the campaign also used a guiding principle to reach the most Belgium Email List relevant figures. Being these people, users who would Belgium Email List have shown interest in renting a car, users who interacted with their previous tweets and those who joined the public conversation about the National Day of Saudi Arabia.

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Getty Museum y Hawks Belgium Email List Media The Getty Museum is a global arts organization based in Los Angeles, California. This, in conjunction with the Hawks Media agency created a campaign to publicize their first virtual presentation called “The Odyssey.” A 5-episode miniseries aimed at the whole family, featuring a hilarious reinterpretation Belgium Email List of the Homer classic. Getty’s presence on Twitter is constant, Belgium Email List as it uses the social network as a publication channel to talk about art and thus connect with its audience. Now, the campaign focused exclusively on the miniseries to be presented, offering teaser tweets Belgium Email List about each chapter to raise the interest of users.

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