A new leak of documents has exposed Meta , Somalia Email List Mark Zuckerberg’s company , and this time around its disagreement on the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) that rule that the United States does not offer guarantees on the data privacy of European users, and that the company formerly known as Facebook, has deliberately ignored this ruling. Documents are leaked that ensure that Meta will not assume data privacy between regions It all started just over a year ago when the European Court of Justice declared the 2016 Privacy Shield agreement between the US and the EU invalid . This agreement allowed large technology companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook to manage the data of European users.

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United States but since June 2020 it began to demand that these companies not remove the data of European users from this region due to the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD). As we told you at the time, this restriction would essentially force Meta to install servers in Europe and implement new restrictions on data privacy between regions, but the internal document that has been leaked and to which the European group of defense of data privacy Noyb , reveals that Meta does not consider itself obliged to keep the private data of EU users on European servers. The data transfer continues. “Today, a year and a half after the last sentence, Facebook has not adopted any measure to limit these transfers,” said Noyb in its statement.

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Instead, it has created a 86 – page report called Impact Assessment transfers or TIA, for its acronym in English, under the legal framework European standard contractual clauses or SCC comes to the surprising conclusion that the CJEU rulings would not apply to Facebook and its transfers may continue to occur as they have been up to now, ” says Noyb. ” Facebook has been ignoring European laws for eight and a half years , ” the statement said. “The documents that we disclose show that they simply consider that the position of the CJEU is wrong and theirs is right. It is an incredible act of ignorance of the rule of law, supported by the inaction of the Irish data protection authority.

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