When do you take your day off? With a Monday or Friday you create an extra long weekend. You can take a trip, or look too deep into the glass on a Sunday. The downside is that you have to train yourself on that first working day. Do you take your day off in the middle of the week? Then you break your working week into two parts. Some colleagues indicated that they could not find the ‘working spirit’ because of this.So when do you prefer to take time off? Frankly, we have no idea. The opinions of our colleagues were therefore strongly divided on this.But, when you work in a team, the real question is: do you all take the same day off, or not? With a fixed day, the team Belarus Phone Number  members from your organization can better coordinate with each other. No one then has to take the day off of others into account. But is that day off right for everyone? And do you take the same day off every week?

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As a marketing agency we are not a fan of a mandatory Belarus Phone Number day off for everyone. We believe that colleagues should be in charge of their own agenda. In addition, as an agency we have certain obligations towards our customers. It would be inappropriate if they could not reach any of our colleagues during the working week.

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Of course our colleagues indicated that  Belarus Phone Numberthey really enjoyed an extra day off during the week. Still, the benefits do not outweigh the sacrifices the system entails. We have not been able to find a better work-life balance. There were several reasons for this. For example, colleagues experienced more stress during their working days and they felt that they were no longer contributing to long-term goals. And communication between colleagues was more difficult because they were absent at different times.

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