Truth, the reality of what people. Really think about data. It is one thing to take a quick poll, it is entirely .Another to understand trends across 10 years and.More recently, across countries. Hong Kong Phone Number Understanding is fundamental, and that is why this research .Tells us things not normally anticipated. While some media reports would Hong Kong Phone Number have us believe people are more worried than .Ever before. The reality is more people. Are getting familiar with data .And technology .And in return concern is falling. Not to say we can relax. Indeed to the contrary, we need more. Engaged and pragmatic. Minds around data.

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It seems clear the growing generations. Of people who are used to data are .Having an effect, but the adtech industry. Must continue to find an answer to this axiomatic message. People still don’t see themselves Hong Kong Phone Number benefiting from data as .Much as companies do. While we cannot pretend the digital economy does not provide. Growth and value to Hong Kong Phone Number businesses (and let’s not forget thei.R employees), it provides far more value to people than they realize. So, while .People have. Less concern than before .When it comes to. Data matters, it matters greatly that we collectively work to understand how people. Think, so that we may help them have a balanced .View of this amazing digita.L age and how it works for people.

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This research helps make that possible. Thank-you again to our wonderful partners at the gdma and to our independent research partner, foresight factory, for helping make. This important work possible. Download the report.Reliance on third-party cookies .Declined “significantly” last year as advertisers upped .Their investments in first-party data and other alternatives, Hong Kong Phone Number according. To the latest buy-side study from advertiser perceptions. The firm interviewed. 153 advertisers and agencies in the u.S. Hong Kong Phone Number For its research. Usage of cookies .Dropped nearly 10 percentage points between the summer .And fall, with 97% of advertisers leveraging. The tactic in may and 88% doing the same in december. Meanwhile, 70% of respondents applied .First-party data for targeting and .Measurement and experimented more .With cohort- and contextual-based.

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