Facebook remains the most important Tunisia Email List social network and alongside Instagram dominates the spectrum of social media. Of course, today it seems that Facebook has achieved everything, but it still has to face new challenges . It’s not enough to focus on innovation to stay on top, the latest controversies force Beiderbecke and his team Tunisia Email List to pay special attention to data protection, privacy and fake news . Of course, a new stage to observe in the social network that was able to write the destiny of the Internet more than a decade ago. Facebook changes its name and becomes Meta At the end of October 2021 , Mark Lederberg’s company took advantage of its annual management meeting, Facebook Connect.

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to make the big announcement that had been rumored for weeks: the name change of the company (not the social network) in search of a new met averse oriented image. The gossips also said that the change responded to a need to “clean” the worn image of the company , which received heavy blows with the leak of unfavorable internal documents. Ultimately, the important thing about the matter is that Facebook became a Meta and this was clarified by Beiderbecke himself in a letter addressed to his staff: « « From now on , the met averse will be prioritized , not Facebook. That means that over time a Facebook account will not be needed to use our other services.

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As our new brand begins to appear on our products, I hope that people around the world will recognize the Meta brand and the future we represent. ” According to a company statement , Meta will also launch new devices and tools to help build the met averse, such as the evolution of the Horizon platform , with integrations for apps like Dropbox, Slack or Canva, as well as the Presence development platform . that will enable the next generation of mixed reality experiences in its Quest 2 virtual reality glasses. Additionally, it announced a $ 150 million investment in immersive learning with the goal of training the next generation of creators. “Your devices will no longer be the focal point of your attention,” said the CEO of Meta.

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