Uk.- according to recent global market insite research for the mobile marketing association (mma). Among uk millennials, mobile ad recall is 50 percent. United kingdom .- according to the recent global market insite research carried. Out for the mobile marketing association (mma). Among millennials in the united kingdom, the recall of mobile ads is 50 percent. Related notes : how faithful are millennials when traveling? 4 ways to approach millennials. As a brand 15 companies that will make a lot of money with millennialsengagement. With ads is slightly lower, with 49 percent reported by its participant’s. Ages 18 to 34. Although it should be noted that this interaction is enormous. If you take into account the comscore figures cited by the united kingdom. Office of communications.

Among Mobile Internet Users Over the Age of 13.

Just 6 percent clicked on a mobile browser or in-app ad in the month. Prior to the research. The lowest percentage together with germany and france. When you consider that clicking. On an ad can even be done by mistake and not necessarily an intentional. Interaction, the mma numbers are even more impressive. On the Venezuela B2B List other hand, the use of multiple screens. In the united kingdom, almost two-thirds. Of users access the internet. While watching television, is growing, something that according to the mma. Report, is a habit that millennials are more than open to, well, 54 percent say they would interact with television. Ads on their mobile phones to receive additional information or prizes.

Another Element to Consider When Targeting Millennials.

Venezuela B2B List

Via mobile is to offer them creative, beautiful and especially rich media. Ads, since 49 percent of these mobile device users believe. That images with video or multimedia are more fun and generate more engagement. Than traditional advertisements such as those in magazines. The uk will see the highest growth in mobile ad spending. In western europe in 2015, with a figure of around $4.67 billion according to emarketer estimates. Last year the country overtook japan to become the world’s third-largest. Market in this regard. Subscribe to the premium content of media.

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