The startup started as a paddle tennis court Paraguay Email List reservation app and little by little it extended its reservations to other racket and team sports. And the basic idea is very simple: if there are reservations for movie Paraguay Email List tickets, reservations for restaurants, or for hotels and flights , why not transfer that online reservation facility to the slopes for a game after work? The application helps users to find Paraguay Email List and reserve a court for paddle tennis, tennis, soccer courts and more sports in the more than 4,000 clubs that use its software solution, for example, it has Paraguay Email List reservations in sports centers in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaya or Picante, among many more.

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The League teams up with So rare Paraguay Email List to release its players’ NFT cards This 2021 Cytoplasmic will close at a figure close to 80 million euros of gross turnover, especially due to the more than one million monthly Paraguay Email List bookings they manage. And it is that for each of these reservations the company charges a commission as pure distributors. The startup acquires the volume of free spaces from the clubs and Paraguay Email List then manages the reservations in them. It will seek to continue expanding its services and its inorganic growth According to Pedro Cleaver , co-CEO of Cytoplasmic, “although clubs are beginning to be digitized Paraguay Email List, the user experience for racket athletes in much of the world is still insufficient.

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Our mobile player app and club owner software make match creation and reservations Paraguay Email List easy. And now, with the funding raised, we are in a strong position to continue expanding services to new markets worldwide. ” Although the vast majority of Cytoplasmic income Paraguay Email List currently comes from booking management, the objective after this round is to enhance its subscription model : in the short term, it will seek 50% distribution between payments for premium services in the app of the players, and on the other hand the management of reserves. In the medium term Paraguay Email List, the goal is for the subscription model to represent 80% of the total, and by then Cytoplasmic hopes to include other tools such as the creation of matches with like-minded players Paraguay Email List or the introduction of statistics in its application.

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