What is IGTV? Benefits, Advantages Tips and How to Make IGTV
How to make a good IGTV is to follow the rules and know the theory and technicals in making IGTV.

You can use IGTV as a medium for promoting your business or product. This is because IGTV has the advantage of having a longer duration than videos posted on the usual Instagram post format and of course on a low budget.

Then now, how to make IGTV? Here’s a more complete explanation.


1 What is IGTV?
2 Why Need IGTV for Business?
2.1 1. IGTV is Beneficial in Building a Customer Community
2.2 2. IGTV is Helpful in Helping Increase Sales
2.3 3. IGTV is Beneficial in Increasing Engagement with Consumers
2.4 4. IGTV is Useful in Making Branding Easier
2.5 5. IGTV can be used for cross promotion
3 Ways to Make IGTV
3.1 Make sure to use Instagram for business
3.2 Making IGTV Videos According to the Rules
3.3 Upload IGTV Videos
4 Tips for Making IGTV
5 Conclusion
What is IGTV?


IGTV is a feature provided by Instagram that makes it easy for users to upload videos of long duration.

In the regular posting feature, videos can be uploaded for only one minute and in the Instagram stories only 15 seconds.

But with IGTV, you can upload videos in the range of 1 to 15 minutes in duration. Even accounts that have been verified by Instagram can upload videos with a duration of up to one hour.


Why Need IGTV for Business?


You can consider IGTV as a solution that can advance your marketing strategy on Instagram. Here are some benefits if you use IGTV for the good of your business, as follows:

1. IGTV is Beneficial in Building Customer Community
With IGTV, you have the opportunity to get an audience so that it can help grow your business. In addition to helping build good PR Directors Email Lists relationships with customers for the long term good, IGTV is also useful for increasing your customer trust and loyalty, increasing brand awareness, so that you can receive input or suggestions from your customers so that it can be a development for your business.

2. IGTV is Helpful in Helping Increase Sales

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For business people, increasing sales targets is certainly the main goal in business. For this reason, broadcasting on IGTV can help make your consumers trust your business more and enter the buying stage. The way you can do this is by creating more specific promotional content, for example, such as product reviews, tutorials, or product demos, etc.

So, in the creation of the promotional content, there must be an “inviting” element to make consumers sure to buy your product or order your service.


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