Clubhouse became a trending app on social media in no time. The app was developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth. This application is also based in the form of audio chat (audio chat) like radio talk in a conference call.

Actually, this application has been launched since 2020,

but it has received attention recently because of the appearance of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X in this application. It was the conversation with the head of Robinhood Markets,

Vladimir Tenev that caused the app’s fame to soar suddenly.

Reporting from The Guardian

users of this application can listen to conversations, interviews, and discussions between interesting people on various topics. You like being able to listen to podcasts live or in person without a sense of exclusivity.

But unfortunately, to join this app, you need to get an invite and can’t download it from the App Store. Just like a real-life country club Media Directors Email Lists or cruise ship, you need to get an invitation to join the venue with existing members.

Clubhouse is an application like social media with an audio-chat format that makes it easy for users to communicate and discuss.

which has slowly shaped and built its reputation as a place for people to meet

Media Directors Email Lists

talk, and even share ideas. This allows users to listen to conversations, interviews, and discussions between people on various topics.

Clubhouse is like listening to podcasts, but in this application there are additional advantages, namely activities that occur in a live or live broadcast state.

Simply put, this application allows you to join rooms or rooms, which in this space allows you to chat with people who are in the same room. In this application there are no images, videos or even text because this application is based only on audio.

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