What influences users to download an app we are in the mobile.We are in the mobile age, so the way of communicating, shopping, lifestyle, etc. It has been changing since the existence of the internet. International.- we are in the mobile era, which means that the digital world is revolving around smartphones and tablets ; more and more people are getting involved in the online world, so the way of communicating, making purchases, lifestyle, etc.

It Has Been Changing Since the Existence of the Internet.

Related notes: 3 reasons to make your site mobile-friendly mobile. Will represent 72 percent of digital advertising spend. By 2019 millionaires fight on twitter too: donald trump vs. T-mobile ceo there.Are all kinds of mobile applications. That make our lives easier, more and more activities can be carried out by mobile, however, 25 percent of downloaded. Apps do not use them, according to a study carried out by ipsos mediact. The Buy Argentina WhatsApp Number Database excess of applications that we can find in the cloud makes.Have a decent use and not serve as decoration on the phone.

The Reasons That Most Drive to Download an App Are the Following

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The price of the application, the free ones have a greater number of downloads. 2. Entertainment, according to nielsen, 55 percent of users use applications on their mobile devices at leisure. 3. Recommendations, friends are great influencers, with 43 percent of internet users. 4. Utility, the applications that are on the rise are those that allow users to carry out activities of their daily lives, such as making payments, reservations, requesting services, etc. 5. Research, carry out specific searches, such as a particular topic or specific information medium. Specialized magazines and entertainment portals, among others, are already developing applications that users can download to avoid directly browsing the web.

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