That helps, but if you want to be the brand that everyone associates in your industry, you will have to make a conscious brand effort. However, we do not only see being top of mind among brands with the largest market share. There are many ways to Bulgaria’s Phone Number raise awareness among the target audience and challenge dominant competitors, especially with smart (digital) communication. The most important? Always be relevant to your ideal customer. Identify your niche: what sets your brand apart from others in the industry? This answer is essential for brand awareness. If you want to be chosen as a brand over other brands, this story must be Bulgaria Phone Number spread broadly and authentically. Build a strong brand foundation: make sure your identity reflects the distinctiveness of your brand. From visual identity to strong slogan and from tone of voice to profiling.

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Create personas of your ideal customer: Define fictitious persons that describe your ideal customer(s). Who is this person, how do you reach him/her and how do you convince him/her? 360-degree approach: approach your ideal customer through a cross-media approach. That is, use all possible channels to get into the picture with that person. For example, from Google Search and influencer marketing to out of home and radio. Invest in organic reach: this is a long-term investment, in which you come into the picture more and more. SEO is also Bulgaria Phone Number important, appearing in search results is essential to increase your findability.

Bulgaria Phone Number

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Content and reach go hand-in-hand here. Communicate based on current needs: know what is going on in your industry. Gain insight into the current needs of the customer. Play smart with what you have to offer as a brand in this area. Experiment with the most effective marketing: authenticity is key to building your brand credibly and from Bulgaria Phone Number your own strength. Test all assumptions and let strategic choices mainly determine the way in which the target group responds to your marketing activities.

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