Ask your network a question. Make lists of tips (Top 10 or Top 3 benefits…). Share a new collaboration (preferably with a photo or video!). Share Germany Phone Number victories big and small. Are you struggling with something? Isn’t it going so well? Making yourself vulnerable is difficult, but strong. Also on LinkedIn. It shows your humanity. Create a content series on Germany Phone Number a specific topic. This ensures recognisability.

 Personal contribution on LinkedIn?

Share a post asking your network to help you (e.g. I’m looking for a web designer etc.) Go for co-creation. Ask your network for their opinion on Germany Phone Number certain products or services. New job? Now is the time to share it. What are you going to do and why did you choose it? Share a nice conversation or experience from your work or volunteer work. New website live, new logo? To share. Did your dream come true? Share it and especially Germany Phone Number the way there.

Germany Phone Number

The process ensures that people can empathize Germany Phone Number with you. Co creation; let your network think about a new name for your book/podcast etc. Ask your network what content they would like to read from you. Share publications or interviews about or about you. Is this all? Of course not, there are still plenty of opportunities to share personal content that fits a business medium like LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid, show yourself and experiment! The right content How do you ensure that you are brought to the attention of relevant target groups on LinkedIn? What content can you best share to really stand out and how do you make the most of Germany Phone Number your network? You will receive answers to these questions during the LinkedIn marketing training. Wondering if it’s something for you? Yes, tell me more!

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