Let’s start with what this acronym stands for, which is Research Online, Purchase Offline. As mentioned: the time that people visit physical locations to be informed certainly still exists, but in a completely different way. The internet has become so accessible that information is very easy to find to make a choice about which product to buy. This is Mexico Phone Number  included in the first 2 letters, Research Online.The last 2 letters, P and O (Purchase Offline), refer to actually buying a product in a physical store. Some stores have more to do with this effect than others, because some products are easier to buy online than others.

The ROPO effect?

Products such as clothing, lighting and Mexico Phone Number furniture are products that you want to see, feel and experience. You don’t just make that purchase online. But you also want to have products that have a much shorter decision path quickly and preferably pick them up immediately in a store.Electronics such as washing machines or coffee makers, for example, are products that I think are ideal for buying online. They are easy to compare in both specifications and price, so you can make a decision.



How to deal with

How do you deal with the ROPO effect and how do  Mexico Phone Number you gain insight? I hear you thinking.I would start by looking at what you offer. Determine which products really need to be viewed or bought offline and which less. This is also important with regard to your (online) marketing efforts. Products that are viewed and compared online, but often also bought offline, may show a less good result in your online campaigns. For example, the conversion rate of these product groups is noticeably lower than for other groups.

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