Guessing the needs of your customers to take advantage. Of all the opportunities to win their preference is a. Great challenge for all companies. In the digital field. This principle is equally applicable. México, df – guessing the needs of your clients to take advantage of all the opportunities. To gain their preference is a great. The challenge for all companies. In the digital field. This principle is equally applicable. More related notes: some seo strategies to enhance your website develop. A website with an online presence 4 steps to develop a successful corporate website when building a website, a brand is in the dark. It does not know if the information is what its customers. Need or the one that most attracts their attention.

Therefore It Is Necessary to Use Tools to Obtain Feedback.

From visitors. A heatmap. Better known as a heat map, is a graphic that occupies a color code to highlight. Specific areas of a website, based on criteria such as. The number of clicks or the areas through which the user passes the pointer more frequently. The main objective of this tool is to obtain the Brunei B2B List behavior of surfers to offer the user a personalized experience. Its operation is based on eye-tracking technology. The maps allow you to identify the hot spots on your website; that is. The areas that attract the attention of your users. Its representation is based on thermography. It identifies the areas of greatest interest.

The Ranges of Warm Colors Red Orange-yellow While.

Brunei B2B List

The areas of less interest are represented by the ranges. Of cold colors (green, blue, turquoise). ). Types of heat maps mouse movement heatmaps. These types of tools record the movement of the mouse to determine. The areas with the most activity. And in which the user’s navigation is specified, having a decisive weight to evaluate. The degree of conversion of an electronic platform. Click maps these maps indicate the areas where users click. These types of maps are the ones that offer greater reliability. In their results since they do not measure the movement of the mouse.

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