November 1 and that They will last until the 28th Uzbekistan Email List. Thus, in addition to the 70% that you can find in the top brands, you can also participate in raffles for daily prizes valued at € 3,500 during these dates. Santafixie We know that cycling has boomed during the pandemic, either as a sport or as part of work and day-to-day life. For this reason, if you want to renew your equipment or are looking to incorporate new accessories to your bike, Santafixie will bring for this Black Friday 2021 interesting discounts on helmets, accessories, chains, electric bicycles and much more, ranging from 10% for purchases between 100 and 350 euros at 20% on purchases over 500 euros.

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Spain Business School Black Friday is a fantastic time not only to make purchases, but also to force you to fulfill one of those New Year’s resolutions, because how many of us start the year saying that we are going to train and end up regretting not doing it? This year, if you want to specialize in one of the digital marketing profiles, you have no excuse. Spain BS offers the biggest discount of the year in all its specializations, with more than a 75% discount on the value of the program (from 1,850 euros to 450 euros). Of course, only until November 29. Then do not say that we have not warned you. Taurus The Taurus appliance brand has also joined this Black Friday celebration to facilitate purchases for those who want to expand their electronic.

Uzbekistan Email List

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tools at home. In this way, in addition to a series of discounts on products such as vacuum cleaners, kitchen robots, air fryers, and even integrated electrical appliances, it has also incorporated an additional 20% discount for all products with the code “FRIDAY”. Tendenimal Finally, if you want to pamper your pet, Animal has decided to prepare for this Black Friday 2021 with offers up to 50%, and products at 1 euro. Its discounts include: 20% in food in brands such as Salvage, Ecuadorians, Nat. And with Animals you will not have a minimum order. 15% on all accessories . Up to 20% in brands such as Royal Canon, Alana, Hill’s, Science Plan.

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