After all the registration and connection processes are complete, then you just have to wait for Instagram to review your Instagram Business account. Instagram will review whether your account has a problem or not.

If the review results are safe, you can proceed to the last stage of creating Instagram Shopping. Usually, this review will take some time for Instagram’s side of your business account.

Activate Instagram Shopping Features

After the account has been reviewed and approved by Instagram, you can proceed to the final step in how to create Instagram Shopping. Please activate the Instagram Shopping feature in your business account.

You can enable this feature through the settings menu in the ‘ Business Settings ‘ section. Please select ‘ Shopping ‘ on the menu and then select ‘ Product Catalog ‘. When finished, please click done and you can use this feature.

Also connect your Instagram Training Directors Email Lists account with several marketplaces such as Shopee and Tokopedia. By connecting to the marketplace you can add products from just one place. So, this can make it easier for you to market your product.

Add Product Tags in Instagram Posts

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If all the ways to make Instagram Shopping have been successfully done, it’s time for you to try this business feature on Instagram.

You can start to create interesting content on Instagram related to your products and tag each product in the photo. Just click on the ‘ Tag Products ‘ menu under ‘ Tag People ‘ to access this feature.

That way, buyers can easily make transactions when they are interested in the products in your post . Continue to promote by taking advantage of this feature on Instagram so that your sales can increase.

Instagram Shopping is a business feature presented by Instagram specifically for business people who use social media as a place to sell and promote.

How to make Instagram Shopping is not too difficult. Most importantly, meet the requirements and follow the steps in creating Instagram Shopping above.

Well, for those of you who don’t have a business website or online store as a requirement in how to create Instagram Shopping, you can create one at IDwebhost . You can also purchase cheap hosting services so that your e-commerce can run smoothly and quickly.


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