Marketing messages are no longer accept Estonia WhatsApp Number List blindly. Companies no longer automatically have that trust, the greater the challenge of earning that trust. Customers expect brands to match their perception of the world. A generic social media campaign is therefore often much less effective than a campaign aimed at specific people.

No Transaction Takes Place

It is not without reason that a lot of effort has Estonia WhatsApp Number List been put into personalization in recent years. When you give people the feeling that a certain message is personally address to them, it sticks better. The chance of a follow-up is greater and you build a better bond with your target group. Several brands went a step further with the Estonia WhatsApp Number List help of technologies such as AI and machine learning. They take the context of the user with them when they receive the message.

Where is that one now? What channel and Estonia WhatsApp Number List device is this person currently using? Are there other circumstances that make this message even more relevant now? Hyper personalization or individualization was Estonia WhatsApp Number List introduced with this. People believe people Today, consumers expect more from a brand than just the product or service.

Estonia WhatsApp Number List

You Cannot Sell Your Visitors

They expect transparency, credibility, involvement and in Estonia WhatsApp Number List some cases even a clear opinion. A place in the social debate, a ‘message behind the message’. Also, or perhaps especially when it comes to controversial topics. They are necessary ingredients for creating that much-needed humanity and authenticity. And it is precisely those two things that are necessary for gaining trust. People believe other people faster than they believe brands.

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