Paraguay – viral is strange. An animal, a child, a certain situation can suddenly. Stir up madness on social networks and move the emotions of a wide audience. But there are no rules. What we think is going to work doesn’t and what we sometimes think is just a way of being present becomes a phenomenon. Although we are all going to become elderly – if we don’t die before, of course. – the subject of older adults seems unattractive and it is enough to review some articles. About them to deduce that they are probably only of interest to their own segment. But, as in all things. There are exceptions. Facebook today shows us one of them. More related notes. Funny reaction of older people to google glass better late than never.

The Grandfather Who Conquered the Audience.

The first viral photo of 2015 they have been married for 78 years. He fought in the chaco war in the 1930s; she waited for him. José anacleto escoba.R and cayetana román had married when the Marshall Islands B2B List woman was only 15 years old. Marriage of effort, of those “for life”. Despite his clear patriotism. The old man had been something forgotten by the state. Until a week ago he turned 100 years old and, in gratitude. The government gave him a house with a private bathroom and some comforts. That the couple never thought they would have, such as air-conditioning.

The Happiness of the Couple Was Revealed in an.

Image of the government of ñeembucú and has gone viral, being, these days. The most shared photograph on social networks by more than 4,000 people and has the not inconsiderable sum of 53,000 likes. The couple’s smile is worthy of sharing and constitutes an encouraging image. Among so much drama that the media already deliver us in this year 2015. Social networks 1 subscribe to the premium. Content of merca2.0 from madrid to Mexico city the most reliable source of global marketing strategies.

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