At the end of the year we find lists of the best articles, rankings of the best photos. And, of course, the best advertising videos. Even youtube has made a list of the viral videos of the year, among. Which are the one with the bear from tipp-ex or the man from old spice. But in addition to having fun, these videos provide us with great advertising lessons. And allow us to discover what trends will continue in 2011 to reach our target. Interactive advertising in videos will be essentialinteractivity is key. In 2011 we will see a freer creative thought, since interacting with. The user generates more attention time to the ad and a greater. Commitment with its public. At the same time,

Internet Users Prefer Content That Shocks Them or Allows.

Them to be in control. Humor is king one of the most common goals of advertisers. Is to make the audience laugh. Companies want to French Business Fax List associate. Their brand with the positive feelings and well-being that laughter generates. Unprecedented innovation the ads that have earned a place in the rankings this year have been unique. And have dared to innovate. If this year a brand wants to create a viral. It must innovate, not copy the techniques of other videos that worked before. There will also be mistakes with video in the spotlight for advertisers. 2011 will see a lot of advertising videos. Some will succeed and create.

Mythical Virals That Make the Public Fall in Love While.

French Business Fax List

Others will be wrong and fail miserably. That is the challenge, whether to stay in the comfort of traditional. Boring videos that simply convey the message, or to create high-quality videos that. Are fun and capable of captivating internet users and becoming viral for posterity. In conclusion, we must bear in mind that brands lead the video industry, since they have economic. And creative resources and, of course, time to experiment and fail. We must closely follow. Their footsteps to learn new trends. In addition, they can put the advertising video on a really entertaining. Level. Tags marketing advertising.

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