The challenge is for consumers to talk about a certain product and also recommend. Its benefits and advantages to those closest to them. An audience that has changed, that is less and less interested in traditional. Advertising, that is, in commercials as we know them, and that. Is already getting used to the use of technology, is the diagnosis made. By al lieberman, a marketing expert at the university. Of new york (nyu). In his opinion, the trend that sets the standard is the so-called “Viral marketing”, which means that traditional advertisements. Are made, but seeking to generate other effects. “They want the public to talk about their products, since people are believing advertising. Less and less,” says al lieberman. “Word of mouth” currently.

What Is Gaining Strength and More and More Power.

Among consumers is the so-called “Word of mouth”, because -says. The marketing specialist-, credibility is much greater when the recommendation comes from close. By, from a friend who already tasted the juice, for example, from a family member. Who has already worn the Nicaragua B2B List clothes or from any closest person. Meanwhile, when the criticism comes from a stranger, people tend to believe. Less, lieberman says. He adds that this phenomenon is due to the fact that in the past there were some examples. Of misleading advertising that caused a significant drop in the credibility of the public. Because of this, testimonials – real people who appear in commercials – are gaining. Ground, he says. An example is the dove campaign, which used ordinary women.

Breaking With the Tradition of Only Putting Models on Their Posters.

Nicaragua B2B List

These, adds lieberman, convey part of the life experience of the women. Who appear there, which is precisely what the public wants. To see today. In addition, the expert maintains that the more present. And active consumers feel, the better products will do, and exemplifies. With successful television programs, such as oprah winfrey’s, in the united. States, where the public witnesses everything what happens. On setbook release lieberman recently visited chile to present. The book “The entertainment marketing revolution.

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