It is also powerful if you let your target group Honduras WhatsApp Number List speak about you. User generated content is extremely valuable. After all, people are more likely to believe their peers – they have no commercial interest. A good example is the American GoPro, known for their actioncams. In their ‘Dollar Challenge Highlight’ campaign. They Honduras WhatsApp Number List went in search of cool videos made by their customers. The best entries received a total of $1 million in prize money.

Called Micro Conversions

Inject your campaign with emotion Painters Honduras WhatsApp Number List in the 17th century already knew: human emotion is a powerful tool for getting a ‘click’ with the viewer. It increases empathy and makes a message stick better. Feelings such as joy and (positive) surprise are obvious, but negative emotions such as disgust, anger or fear can also be of added value. Always ask yourself what feeling your campaign evokes, and whether that emotion Honduras WhatsApp Number List actually fits your brand and your objectives.

Honduras WhatsApp Number List

It seems tempting to avoid negative emotions Honduras WhatsApp Number List like disgust, anger, or fear. However, these can also have the desired effect. For example, SIRE’s most successful and memorable campaigns are often the ones that shock the most. You can also use this as a commercial brand. For example, insurer Interpolis surprised friend and foe with a confrontational video about the consequences of inattention and the use of smartphones in traffic.


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