A year ago we learned that Facebook intended South Korea Email List to promote the use of its Locus VR glasses again through Horizon, a platform that at that time seemed to want to direct the interaction of its social network towards a virtual reality plane, and reality did not It was not at all wrong: now Horizon Worlds has officially launched as the new met averse of Meta , a window to experience Lederberg’s virtual vision into the future of social networks . Horizon Worlds, the first met averse for Locus Quest 2 users After several months of testing with a group of beta testers,

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Horizon Worlds is now available for free to almost all users of the social network in North America, and they must be at least 18 years old to download it, live in the United States or Canada , in addition to owning an Oculus Quest 2 device since Horizon Worlds will no longer have support for Quest 1 after January 13, 2022. The general idea behind Horizon Worlds takes us back to Second Life , a platform born in 2003 that for a time became the meeting place par excellence, with millions of people around the world recreating their own virtual version with avatars that shared activities.

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In fact, it became so big that companies opened branches in its virtual world, and even big bands came to give concerts in it. However, their technology was not easy to understand, at least not for everyone, while accessing their server could take you all day, and when you did, it would sometimes crash. Not all computers could handle it and its popularity slowly declined. Now, Horizon Worlds is presented as a new Second Life, the first example of the Beiderbecke met averse that includes a virtual space with streets, houses, friends, pets and the same possibilities to connect with other users.

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