Developments that affect what we can measure 1. Browsers Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List limit the use of cookies or will do so in the short term. As online marketers, we still use a lot of third-party cookies. In fact, every advertising platform depends on it. But this won’t last long. Browsers are collectively on a collision course to get rid of third-party Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List cookies for good. Here is an overview of how the most used browsers in the Netherlands currently deal with third-party cookies.

A Certain Word Can Feel Like

Browser Market share in the Netherlands Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List Cookie Policy Chrome 51% Third-party cookies will be phased out at the end of 2023. Safari 33% of Third-party cookies have been disable by default since March 2020. All first-party cookies placed from JavaScript will be delet after 7 days (incl. Google Analytics cookie). edge 6% By default, blocks all third-party cookies and trackers from sites you haven’t visited yet.

Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List

An Exaggeration For One Person

Samsung internet 4% Blocking third-party Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List cookies is possible. But the default setting is not documented anywhere. Firefox 3% Blocks some of the third-party cookies by default. The Safari browser even goes one step further. It also deletes certain first-party cookies after 7 days. This already has consequences Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List  for your Google Analytics data. For about 33% of your visitors, the returning visitors can only be recognized within a week.


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