Internal communication can be so much more than a message on the intranet or an email. You can also use infographics, animations or simply an email tool internally to send an automated campaign. Or maybe your topic or change process is even suitable Algeria Phone Number  for an internal podcast ? Anything that works in external marketing can also work in internal communications. Keep in mind the personas and needs of your target audience.

4. Use visual storytelling

With photos, videos, illustrations or animations you Algeria Phone Number can often explain things much more simply than in a text. Especially images of people and characters help to show recognizable situations without using long blocks of text. And it ensures more involvement.

For example, think about the new software from a few paragraphs back: your target group may encounter problems when using the old software. By Algeria Phone Number showing frustrated characters when using the software, you immediately ensure recognition among your target group. Then you can introduce the new software as a solution and show how the characters can now get to work much more smoothly and without any problems. In this way you increase the chance that your employees will actively participate in its implementation. After all, they are in the same situation as the characters in the beginning of the animation. Explain all this in text? You can, but it is clearly more difficult to achieve the same effect.

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5. Make internal communication measurable

We are also familiar with making Algeria Phone Number communication measurable from external marketing: make sure you know how your internal target group reacts to the information you provide them with. If you don’t, you won’t be able to conclude afterwards whether your message has actually achieved its goal.Think, for example, of opening an email, clicking through to a landing page to download information there or viewing an eLearning module. Or even a quiz to measure whether the information is actually applied correctly. This way you know at all times who understands your message and who might still need a reminder.

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