As if inspired by the Clubhouse specifically for iOS users, Twitter is now developing a similar new feature for its users. To add to the experience of its users, Twitter then issued a new feature called Twitter Spaces. Well,

Twitter Spaces is an audio-based feature that’s almost similar to Clubhouse.

The difference is, Twitter Space can be accessed by every user easily from anywhere. Interestingly, you can also use the Spaces feature as a marketing strategy for your business, you know. Unfortunately, not all Twitter users can host on this one feature. Well, to get to know more, continue to follow the following explanation to the end, OK!


Maybe there are still many who are Compliance Directors Email Lists wondering, what application is Space? Naturally, there are still many who are not familiar with the latest features of Twitter. Twitter Spaces is a 2021 feature from Twitter. Much like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces is an audio-based feature that allows users to stream voice chats .

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Compliance Directors Email Lists

Well, in Twitter Spaces there are three roles that you can do. The three roles in Twitter Spaces are as host , listener and speaker . Unfortunately, to host on Space, you must meet the requirements of having at least 600 followers . Also, users cannot start as Spaces hosts when their Twitter account is protected.

Another great thing about Twitter Spaces is that you can choose who is the speaker in your room. Just like roles, there are three speaker options that you can choose from. The three choices of speakers in Twitter Spaces are public, followers and invitees. This feature is slightly different from Clubhouse where the speakers only come from invite only .

Another thing that distinguishes Twitter Spaces from Clubhouse is that Space access can be accessed from anywhere. You can access this Space feature on both Android and iOS. Interestingly, listeners can now also access it via desktop PCs and web browsers . However, to start Space as a host you can only access via iOS and Android.

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