But it is no less true that if your Bulgaria Email List marketing spending (including advertising) falls below 15% of your sales (watch out, from your SALES, don’t give yourself your profits) you are investing too low an amount Bulgaria Email List. I give you an example: Amazon, with all that it is, allocates more than 10% of its revenue from sales to advertising globally . In fact, until 2019 Amazon’s spending on advertising was much higher Bulgaria Email List than its profits and it is the largest advertiser in the world. Why does he do this Bulgaria Email List? Because at Amazon they are clear that to maintain their position they have to invest a lot in advertising. Imagine that you are not Amazon.

A big change in the way we understand privacy on Twitter

So I thought that if I spend Bulgaria Email List 300 euros on the Christmas campaign I will sell at least 3,000 euros, right? Things are not easy when budgeting a campaign . What you should be clear about is that the numbers Bulgaria Email List you have seen on average return on investment (ROI) and things like that DO NOT work with small budgets . Why? Well, because they do not generate enough critical mass for the statistics to be valid. If your campaign reaches Bulgaria Email List 50,000 people, the statistics are much less reliable than if it reaches 500,000. 2. You are obsessed with the profitability of each individual campaign In online advertising, it takes Bulgaria Email List many campaigns to become profitable if you do not have a consolidated brand.

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When you say “my online advertising campaign is Bulgaria Email List not working” you make the mistake of analyzing an individual campaign and not moving the focus a bit and seeing things from a more global perspective Bulgaria Email List. I would ask you how much you have invested in online advertising in the last 12 months and what results have you obtained. And I know that investing 2,000 euros in a year may seem like a lot of money, but Bulgaria Email List if you invoice 200,000, it is 1%. And by investing 1% in advertising Bulgaria Email List you will get very little. Are you wasting money? I would not say that much, but be clear that it will take much longer to cross the profitability threshold.

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