Very useful for storing fantasies and Bahamas WhatsApp Number List ideas. 4 x in the pipeline In addition to these already existing possibilities, WhatsApp is of course always developing the app. They are currently working on some nice improvements. Personalize Last Seen Bahamas WhatsApp Number List You are probably familiar with the ‘last seen’ function. This allows you to see in the chat, under the name of the person you app, what time that person was last online.

In The Sentence welcome Ladies And Gentlemen

This is of course not desirable in all Bahamas WhatsApp Number List situations. For example, if you went out for an evening, not everyone needs to be able to see that you were not in your nest until 04:30. If you don’t want others to see this about you, you can turn the feature off. The only bad thing is that you can no longer see what time others were online for the last time.

Bahamas WhatsApp Number List

You Exclude A Large Group

But now WhatsApp is (probably) coming Bahamas WhatsApp Number List with a new option: exclude specific contacts so they can’t when you were last online. With this new option you can, for example, exclude your parents, in-laws, employer, boss, colleagues, (ex-) boyfriend. Useful! 2. Delete old messages Currently, you can delete messages that are up to about an hour old yourself.


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