Zara joins the met averse trend with a new South Africa Email List ​collection designed for digital avatars First impressions of Horizon Worlds The presentation of Horizon Worlds a year ago ensured that its operation would be really simple. According to Facebook (now Meta), “ Before entering Horizon for the first time, people will design their own avatars from a variety of style and body options, to ensure that everyone can fully express their individuality. From there, magical portals, called telepods, will transport users from public spaces to new worlds full of adventure and exploration . At first people will jump into games and experiences created by Facebook.

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And while the progress of Horizon Worlds is promising, for now the opinions about its usability are not so good, since the experience seems somewhat “childish”. In this sense, let us remember that the company announced a fund for creators for 10 million dollars (just over 8 million euros) last October, so we can expect that some skilled developers will be able to create much more fluid and immersive games. in the metaverse. In this virtual world, users can build their own scenarios, walk through streets and buildings and, of course, interact with the avatars of other users , as you can see in the previous video. But for now, Meta’s biggest contribution has been the addition of a game called Arena Clash , which can be played with friends.

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The company also announced new games and experiences, such as a city explorer called Wand & Broom , a Battle Royale-style game called Pixel Plummet, and a virtual boat ride called Mark’s Riverboat. “We want Horizon Worlds to be a safe and respectful environment, so everyone must follow our policy of conduct in virtual reality,” said Meta in its statement. ” Users will have several security options, including access to a personal safe area at any time through the menu on their wrist, allowing them to take a break and then block, silence or report people.” As you can see, Meta is trying to create a Minecraft-like experience , with more elaborate scenarios, but there is still a long way to go before Horizon Worlds gets off the ground.

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