Growth forecast The number of podcast listeners in the Netherlands has risen sharply over the past two years. In May 2019, 28% of the Dutch sometimes listened to a podcast, in December 2021 that was 46%. Which amounts to about 6.4 million Dutch people in total (source: Podcast Monitor 2021 , Markteffect).  The number of Dutch podcasts has increased in recent years, although the absolute numbers remain low. In April 2020 there were 5,971 different Venezuela Phone Number Dutch-language podcasts.

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By December 2021, that number has risen Venezuela Phone Number to 15,995 (source: Listen Notes ). Compared to the millions of social media accounts that entrepreneurs bet on in large numbers, this number is relatively low. In short: the demand is high (the number of listeners is increasing), but the supply is relatively low. This means that at the moment and in the coming years there is still a lot of room to (re)start your own podcast. People talking during podcast. Photo by Marleen Sahetapy Trend 2: make money In addition to advertising and sponsorship, many ways to monetize your podcast have emerged in recent years . For example, donation models such as Patreon, Friends of the Show and Hats Off.

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But also affiliate marketing, in which Venezuela Phone Number the listener receives a discount, for example, and the maker a fee, if the listener sells a product or service referred to. Linking events, such as a theater tour or online event, is also a great way to turn listeners into paying customers. Platforms such as Apple Podcast and Spotify came up with updates last year, making it increasingly easy for makers to link a revenue model to their podcast. This could lead to an increase in income in the coming years.

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