They grew up with the internet and are also known as Argentina WhatsApp Number List the digital natives . They are ambitious, career-oriented and want to commit to brands they can trust. Networking, Learning and Research Purposes Generation Z considers LinkedIn a reliable platform to post messages, communicate via and on which they can view and read relevant content. They like to use the platform for networking and for learning and Argentina WhatsApp Number List research purposes. They see benefits in using LinkedIn.

 With Certain Characteristics

For example, 80% indicate that they find Argentina WhatsApp Number List LinkedIn a useful platform to follow companies and brands. And three-quarters say the companies and brands they follow post valuable content on their LinkedIn page. The youngsters from Generation Z use LinkedIn to grow in their careers. They are open to learning new skills (74%), they want to be such cessful (73%), and build financial security (72%).

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Where This Is Not Relevant

Involved & active Compared to other Argentina WhatsApp Number List LinkedIn users, Generation Z young people are more involved in the industry in which they operate. They are more often active in relevant LinkedIn groups and are more likely to view job openings and surveys. Want to read more about the results of the Gen Z engagement survey on LinkedIn? Then scroll down to view the infographic.


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