Traffic campaign This type of campaign drives clicks El Salvador WhatsApp Number List to your website. If you have a dedicated corporate gifting landing page, you ensure that people can find information about your company and product here. You create awareness and make people curious. Lead campaign For example, people who have visited your campaign El Salvador WhatsApp Number List can be retarget by means of a LinkedIn tag (just like a Facebook pixel). You can easily collect data by filling out a form so that you can then share information.

When Someone Has Bought

This can be done manually or automatically El Salvador WhatsApp Number List via an external link of your LinkedIn campaign with an email system. Conversion campaign This is optional if you directly sell (larger) numbers of products on a corporate gifting page. Retarget people who have completed the lead form or choose to call back people you’ve reached.

El Salvador WhatsApp Number List

Something Or Has Requested A Quote

For campaign 2, pay attention to information El Salvador WhatsApp Number List such as name.  Surname, company, email address and telephone number in the lead form. A practical tip from LinkedIn is that 5 fields are the best way to go for a lead form. Through lead campaigns, you collect data from your target audience and get the right people enthusiastic about your business product.


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