Making a contest on facebook can be very profitable, yes, but it can also be a complete disaster. We should not confuse the facilities provided by the platform to develop this type of action with their effectiveness. A Facebook contest is like a cake, the  between a good. The steps  if any of them are the result is very likely to be unappetizing. If you want your contest to succeed, don’t miss a single detail of this recipe. Paper and pen! Tips to develop the perfect contest on facebook . How to run a good Facebook contest. Without a solid foundation nothing can.

That foundation by which we must sustain the strategy is neither more nor less than knowledge. So add what I do, why I do it and for whom as essential ingredients. This is translated in the product we offer. He achieved and the target or target audience we are addressing. Transferring it to the case that concerns us in this article . The integral knowledge of the element of value that we are going to offer. The participant (the prize) without neglecting what. We are going to win with it, that is, what moves us to do it. It is important that we determine what audience. We are addressing, in this sense it is always convenient to have a filter. Many times not limiting these types of actions and directing.

The Money You Have Invested

Them to the general public can bring us more  Azerbaijan Email List  participation, but of less quality. Users who do not even offer us the possibility of being potential clients would be participating. As in any communication action, knowing these three elements perfectly will determine how to get your Facebook contest off to a good start. 2. Select your tools In this step and once we have elaborated what would be the “mother dough”, we will choose which tool to work with on that product, objective and public. Easier: “how am I going to do my contest”. Facebook gives you the option to launch your contest directly on the fanpage without an external application, however you can opt for one of the many external applications that exist with this service to support you. These will give you the possibility to create a personalized page for your contest and give you the option to create an independent.

Azerbaijan Email List

Space to your Facebook page, which allows you not to saturate your wall with constant updates on this topic. In addition, many of them are free or almost free. 3. Learn the “commandments” We already have ingredients and utensils, we need a good look at the “user manual” of this challenge. Knowing what should and can be done as launchers of a contest and what is totally prohibited based on Facebook’s privacy policy will reduce the margin of error of the action and will avoid the risk of the page being closed due to some breach of the privacy policy. rules. Detail everything in the legal bases of the contest (create a note with them). 4. Hazlo Ask users to “Like” or comment on a post on your fanpage. Propose to your followers that they publish the content they want on your.

You Will Be Able To Determine

Ask your followers to send private messages . 5. Don’t even think about it… This is strictly prohibited by the platform: Users ‘ personal bios and friend connections may not be used as a means to assist us in promotion. Phrases such as “share it on your timeline to participate”, “share it on a friend’s timeline to get more participations”, or “tag your friends in this post to participate” are totally prohibited. Ask our users to share a page post. Break the rules and laws of each of the countries where Facebook operates. give it movement We give way to the action so take your blender because we have to give movement to our contest. Inform, promote but do not saturate. If you bombard the public with your updates, you will generate a negative feeling in them.

Remember that it is about encouraging, offering value to those who reach it. When it comes to boosting this type of action, Facebook offers some very interesting possibilities such as ” Facebook ads ” or “Sponsored Stories”, with which with a minimum budget you will amplify the transmission and reception capacity of your contest. The icing on the cake: measure The icing is not placed when closing the contest, but when measuring the results and taking stock. As in any campaign, the measurement of results is an essential and necessary step to assess the effectiveness of the action we have carried out. Knowing: the number of participation in the contest, the number of fans obtained, the shares, likes and comments, the total number of clicks on links and how many reach conversion, the analysis of the quality.

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