If you’re planning a guerilla-style branding campaign on tinder, here’s something. You need to know: the dating service didn’t think it was creative at all that clothing brand gap. Tried to use the platform for a digital marketing campaign without asking. Permit. International.- if you are planning a campaign to promote. A brand on tinder in the “Guerrilla” style, there is something. You should know: the service to find a partner did not find it creative at all that the clothing brand gap. Tried to use the platform for a marketing campaign without asking your permission. More related articles: beer brand takes advantage. Of tinder to launch an ingenious marketing action nba. Team implements tinder theme night facebook.

Instagram and Tinder Fall Worldwide Due to a Blackout Every.

Day millions of people use the tinder app on their mobile devices looking to meet people. To start a relationship or just have a casual encounter. Since last year, when tinder exploded in popularity. Some campaigns have used it to Azerbaijan B2B List spread messages about sex trafficking. Or other issues, and it has also caught the attention of brands. That want to reach out to consumers. The most recent case is that of the clothing brand gap. That was preparing a campaign on tinder, but “Guerrilla” style. Without paying for advertising space. Gap began posting various images on brand-created profiles with messages. Like “you’re invited to the pants party”.

Tinder Announced That It Did Not Approve the Gap.

Azerbaijan B2B List

Campaign, therefore it is not authorized advertising and it is a violation. Of the terms and conditions. Rosette pambakian, vp of corporate communications & branding. At tinder posted a tweet in which she pointed out the violation of the company’s rules. This case opens a new stage in which brands that seek to use tinder to advertise for free will face. The fact that the developers of the app will be watching them. Subscribe to the premium content of merca2.0from madrid to mexico city. The most reliable source of global marketing strategies. A look at the strategies of the big brands and consumer trends.

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