As a result of all this, Djibouti Email List it seems that the platform of Chinese origin wants to get on this train and conquer this market. And for this, the company is currently testing TikTok Live Studio , Djibouti Email List a desktop software with which those TikTok users who want to broadcast live , can do so without any problem from their computer, in what is a surprising twist to the usual approach mobile of this social network born as an app Djibouti Email List. The test is currently being done with the version of this platform for Windows Djibouti Email List, so, at least for the moment, there is no version developed for mac OS. TikTok makes the leap to streaming The dynamics would consist in that.

A Moment Of Change In The World Of Streaming

Once the program is downloaded and installed on the computer, it would allow Djibouti Email List users to enter their accounts on TikTok and make their broadcasts via streaming directly on TikTok Live. In addition, in the program, users will be able to communicate in real time Djibouti Email List with their followers through the chat window integrated in this application. Similarly, TikTok Live Studio will allow users to broadcast from their mobiles, computers and video game consoles. At the moment, this platform is available and being tested by a select group of users in some markets. Unlike Djibouti Email List Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook Gaming, TikTok Live Djibouti Email List Studio could benefit its users with the possibility of providing tools that motivate content creators to stay on that platform.

Djibouti Email List

Protagonist Of A Record Year In App Downloads In The World

Instead of inviting their Djibouti Email List audience to watch their broadcasts. in those other services . Judging by the first leaked promotional images, which were shared by specialized journalist Each Busyness and which show Djibouti Email List his possible appearance, it seems that the Asian company seeks to attract regular video game streamers. However, one of the objectives that TikTok sets itself with the testing of this software is to see how content creators make Djibouti Email List use of this tool and its features. The Asian company affirms that TikTok Live Studio has not yet guaranteed its launch, but if it does, they will be able to study what the application is for Djibouti Email List creators, so that they can later adapt it to those cases.

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