Choosing text sizes that contrast well, as mentioned above, will help to make your graphic pop. Creating a flowing design by surrounding words with white space will allow the elements to breathe. The use of space around text, shapes and other elements will make your design easier to read and also attract more attention than a cluttered design. A simple way to implement contrast into your graphic design is through the use of colors. For example, I used a white logo with a contrasting dark color making the content both readable and visually appealing. The right balance can bring any social media graphic design content to life! best graphic design tips Text is also an important part of the contrast.

So now that you have the basics of graphic design for social media, we can focus our attention on brand identity and how to incorporate branding to elevate your story. On average It takes about seven times of seeing or hearing your brand for someone to recognize it. This means that consistency and repetition of brand elements such as logo, colors and fonts, is essential. Make sure to include your logo in every image but keep in mind what we’ve learned so far. A good rule of thumb is if you have a light-colored background then you should use a dark font (and vice versa). 6. Visual Identity- Incorporate your branding into the design how to do graphic design.

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If your social media content looks and feels connected, your audience will form a clear understanding of your brand and its message. The point of creating graphic designs for your social media content is not only to Malaysia phone number tell a story but to attract an audience and then direct them to your website. So if your graphic has no branding, the whole effort becomes ineffective. It doesn’t have to be big and bold, just enough to ultimately let people know where it’s from. 7. Consistency professional graphic design A core building block of your brand is going to be consistency. It’s great to include your logo in your pictures because you want people to associate it with your brand but making it half the size of the picture or more will come off as too cluttered.


Always posting content in the same style can be challenging at times but being able to establish a strong brand identity will make it worth it. When keeping up with consistency make sure that all your designs are cohesive across all platforms. These consistent elements will tie each post together and make your brand easily recognizable! An easy way to keep consistency is to take the time to create templates for quick quotes, announcements, promotions, or sales. However, if your content seems sporadic and random, the audience may feel confused and not understand your brand or its message. Having established your goal early on this will help your brand work towards a consistent look. Giving your followers a chance to quickly recognize you on their feed. Make sure all your content that you create is consistent with your brand.

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The idea for consistency is that no matter what social platform. Your audience is on, they will quickly be able to tell that a graphic is related to your brand. 8. Know your platform social media content Repeat after me, each platform is different. Knowing ahead of time what works best with each platform will not only help visually with your audience but will make things easier for you in the long run. Knowing what the people want to see in each social network will help you enhance their user experience. Plus it’ll also make it easier for your social media fans to quickly recognize your brand and increase customer engagement. The most important thing to take away from these graphic design tips is that there needs to be consistency so that your followers will associate a certain style/type with you.

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