A well-known Dutch clothing brand can have a say Georgia WhatsApp Number List in this. In their campaigns they switched from polished images of their products to realistic variants. Think of the use of different models. They also showed clothing as it would actually be worn. The result: the number of returns decreased. Logical: customers were not given false expectations and were therefore less likely to be disappointed.

As It Were

Show empathy and involvement Your brand Georgia WhatsApp Number List does not exist in a vacuum, but is part of an increasingly complex society. A society in which many things go well, but which are far from perfect. It doesn’t help to pretend it isn’t. It is therefore important that you show that you are involved as a brand. For some brands, this also means that you have to be able to make a political statement every now and then.

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Still on The Way

Many companies find this terrifying because they are afraid to alienate part of the target group. Yet the reverse is rather true: a brand that doesn’t move does not build a bond with anyone. In addition, the people you alienate with a political statement were most likely not fans of your products anyway. Double standard A brand that has understood this well is outdoor clothing producer Patagonia.

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