You’re looking for the right content marketing business to work with. You’re probably considering freelance content marketing and all it has to offer. There are some benefits to this highly flexible work arrangement. That goes for both the freelance professional and your business. But there are some things you need to know to navigate hiring and working with a freelancer. This Ultimate Guide has everything you need to know to have the best experience possible. When we talk about freelance content marketing, we’re talking about hiring a single person on a contract basis. Freelancing is the fastest-growing sector in today’s economy. Within 10 years, analysts anticipate it will become the primary method of employment. They can say this, because today, over 50% of millennials are already working in this “gig” economy.

You may think of freelance content writing or freelance video production when you hear this term. But content marketing, and in turn freelance content marketing, is much broader than that. Freelance content marketing can encompass one, or several, of the following types of content marketing tasks: Research & Analytics (topics, keywords, competitor analysis, market research, performance tracking, etc) Content Strategy Content Creation (video, photography, blogs, social media posts, etc) Content Distribution (Social media, PPC Campaign, 3rd-party websites, email marketing, etc) Content Management Website Design On-Page SEO What you do on your website to help search engines find your pages Off-Page SEO What you do off the site, like guest posts, backlinks, social media, ads, etc. They handle some or all of your content marketing-related tasks. In legal and IRS terms, this person is an independent contractor, aka, freelancer. freelance content marketing.

What Is Freelance Content Marketing?

When that work is completed to satisfaction, the business pays and reviews the freelancer. If you are pleased with their work, you may decide to start a new “project”. Or you may decide to part ways. Given the wide array of content marketing tasks, you would rarely hire one freelancer to handle all of your content marketing. Rather, you’d likely be looking for several people. Each of them will be specialized in one or more aspects of content Poland phone number marketing. As such, you’re still responsible for communicating and coordinating among these independent individuals. You ensure quality control. You determine whether or not goals are being met. When hiring a freelance content marketer, the business determines the scope of a project to be done. After clearly defining the work to be done, the two parties negotiate an agreeable price.


You have more control in the relationship. You might define a dress code, where and when they work, and how they perform their duties. With freelance content marketing, the partnership is often much shorter. You have less control over how they do the work. Your only focus is the end result. The freelancer is responsible for any expenses they incur as part of the job even to the point of losing money. There is no expectation of a long-term partnership unless both parties decide to create one. Hiring Freelance vs Your Employees When you hire an employee, you expect them to stay with the company and grow with you. You’re typically willing to invest in hiring. You’ll take some time training and retaining this employee, because of the long-term relationship.

Freelance Content Marketing

There are some pros and cons to this that we’ll discuss a little later. Hiring Freelance vs Content Marketing Agency A content marketing agency is a business that includes more than one person. They may have several content marketing professionals. Each specializes in the various aspects of content marketing. These professionals work for their company as employees. This is, unless, those expenses are for special requirements made by your business. In this case, they would need to be laid out in the contract. An employee typically works for one person at a time. In contrast, a freelance professional works for many people often on the same day. They set their own schedules based upon the priorities they have to complete by given deadlines.

Then summaries and progress updates are provided to you as the client. Common Signs You Need to Outsource For years, the term “outsource” had a negative connotation. We’ve even given it a clever name “the gig economy”, which refers to the fact that freelancers work per project or “gig”. As a small business, the decision to outsource is usually pretty easy. That company, in turn, works for you.  You still have a say regarding the results. But you don’t have to manage the day-to-day to maintain quality. All communication and collaboration take place within the agency.

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